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Arkansas Wing Supplements

Regulation Title Date
O-2 Numerical Index of Arkansas Wing Supplements 6 Jan 10
O-9 Numerical Index of Arkansas Wing Forms 7 Jan 10
10-2 Files Maintenance and Records Distribution 15 Aug 09
39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniforms 14 Sep 09
52-10 Cadet Protection 30 Apr 09
62-1 CAP Safety Responsibilities and Procedures 2 Oct 09
66-1 CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management 2 Apr 10
77-1 Operation and Maintenance of CAP Owned Vehicles 5 Mar 09
190-1 CAP Public Affairs 14 Oct 08

Arkansas Wing Policy Letters

Policy # Title Date
2009-02 Inoperative Equipment 1 Oct 08
2009-04 Processing of Senior Member Prof. Dev. Awards 1 Oct 08
2009-05 Proficiency Flying 1 Oct 08
2009-06 CAP Property Recovery 1 Oct 08
2009-11b Accident/Mishap Reporting 22 Dec 09
2009-001 Aircraft Utilization Log 26 Mar 09
2009-13 AR Wing Members Bill of Rights 31 Mar 09
2009-14 Commander's Safety Policy 2 Apr 09
2009-15 Mandated Training 2 Apr 09
2009-16 Protection of USAF Radio Frequency Information 1 Apr 09
2009-17 Fund Raising Activities 3 Apr 09

Arkansas Wing Operating Instructions

Number Title Date
09-03 Pilot Safety Clinics 23 Nov 09
09-04 Storage in A/C Cargo Bay 23 Nov 09
09-05 Mail Distribution 23 Nov 09
10-01 Flight Release Officer Training 6 Jan 10

Arkansas Wing Memorandums

Date Title
22 Apr 09 121.5/243.0/406 MHz. Signals
1 Oct 09 Wing Financial Procedures for FY10

Arkansas Wing Forms

Form Number Title
ARCAPF-18 Aircraft Utilization Log
ARCAPF-31 Application for AR Wing Cadet Activity
ARCAPF-52-16a Quarterly Cadet Program Squadron Activity Report
ARCAPG-51-1 AR DDR Report Worksheet
ARCAPF-62-1 Monthly Safety Report
ARCAPF-77-1b Vehicle Insurance Form
ARCAPF-173-C Check Request
ARCAPF-173-D Deposit Form
ARCAPF-173-FC Unit Finance Committee Authorization
ARCAPF-173-R Unit Recurring Expense Policy Form
ARCAPF-02003 ELT Mission Form

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