Things You Shouldn’t Store in a Storage Unit 

A self-storage unit can be the ideal place for heavy winter clothing, unused furniture, seasonal home décor, and much more. However, there are particular things that you should not keep inside a storage unit.  


Though self-storage units are hassle-free and convenient, you’ve got to be wary of what you should not keep inside them. Of course, you do not want to keep anything that can damage other expensive or precious items inside your unit.  

So, if you’re planning to rent a cheap storage Midhurst, here are several things you should not store: 

Firearms and Weapons 

You might not be allowed to keep firearms inside the unit. This depends on the contract with your storage facility and the rules. On almost every occasion, you should think about other places to keep your firearms and weapons that might be safer and more contained. 

For instance, you may think about hiring a local shooting range to see if they can store your guns if you can’t find the right storage place for them.  

Stolen Goods 

In a perfect world, nobody will ever own stolen goods. Unfortunately, this is not the case. That is why it is worth mentioning that you should not keep stolen goods inside a storage unit.  

It does not matter if it is jewelry, clothes, tools, or other items. You should avoid storing them in your storage unit if they are illegal. 

Strong Scents 

Aside from overwhelming the air inside, strong scents can also cause nearby items to smell. In addition to that, they can also attract pests and bugs inside your unit. Because of this, it’s best to avoid storing any items that emit strong scents and try to keep a scent-free environment inside the unit. 


Another item that you should not keep inside your storage unit is electronics. The reason for this is that they’re sensitive to humidity and hot/cold temperatures. This means that moisture can easily seep into the electronic item and cause them to break down.  

If you don’t have a choice and you need to store your electronics, make sure you choose climate-controlled storage units. This will help avoid humidity and moisture.  

Dangerous Items 

This might be a bit obvious. However, you should not store dangerous items inside your storage unit. This can include biological waste, explosives, flammable chemicals, and corrosive chemicals.  

You should not store these things in your unit, from motor oil to fireworks to car batteries. The last thing you want is a hazardous material causing a huge accident inside the storage facility.  


Always keep in mind that there are other ideal places to store your cheques, gold bars, currency, or cash. You can find a nearby bank or purchase a safety deposit box. Do not rely on a self-storage unit.  

Though they’re safe, self-storage units are still less reliable compared to other methods. It isn’t a wise move to store your cash in an area that isn’t intended for it. Keep your money in a safe or a bank.  

Questions You Should Inquire to a DUI Attorney 

Listed below are the things that you need to ask your DUI lawyer in LA to make sure that you’re knowledgeable about your DUI case and how to beat it.  


Are they experts in DUI law? 

The first thing you need to know about DUI attorneys is whether or not they have specialized in DUI law. A lot of general practice lawyers claim that they can deal with DUI cases. Even if they might be capable of managing such cases, it’s still better if you employ a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases since they are the person who knows the most how to deal with your case the best way. Moreover, they are more knowledgeable when it comes to DUI laws.  

What’s the best strategy in your case? 

It’s vital for you to let the attorney know all of the things that they need to know about your case. It’s highly discouraged to hide information, regardless of how minor you might believe it is. As soon as your attorney knows the whole story, they can assist you to dodge the case and drop the charges even better. Apart from that, they will inform you of the best course of action that you need to take to deal with the case. 

How experienced are the DUI lawyers? 

Ask your prospective lawyer the number of years that they have been practicing the DUI law. Their answers will help you determine how experienced they are. Moreover, it is highly recommended for you to employ a lawyer who has two or more years of experience in the field while handling DUI cases.  

How many cases have they managed and how many of them proceeded to court trial? 

Knowing the previous DUI cases is one of the best ways to do to help you select the best lawyer in town. It’s a good way for determining if the attorney is the right choice or not. Never be intimidated to ask questions about their previous cases that proceeded to a court trial as well. A good lawyer will always be willing to let you know more of the cases that they have handled and won before.  

How much they will charge you? 

Asking this question is crucial as you interview your prospective lawyer. You cannot guarantee that your case will win even if you hire an expensive attorney. Hence, you need to always opt for a lawyer at a reasonable and affordable rate. It’s also best if you don’t hire an attorney at your assets’ expense.  

How and when must you reach them? 

Expect that you’ll be reaching out to your lawyer quite frequently. Because of that, you should know how to contact your attorney. Communication plays a vital role in terms of resolving and winning a DUI case. Having clear communication with your attorney goes a long way and can eventually lead to success. Plus, it will make the process stress-free and smooth. Hence, make sure to hire a DUI lawyer today for a higher chance of winning the case charged against you.